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Partnering for Children at Willow Tree Child Advocacy Center

August 11, 2020

A local detective talks about the importance of Willow Tree and its child-friendly approach to interviewing children about abuse, neglect, or other maltreatment.

Child forensic interviews are a critical part of what we do at Willow Tree Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center in Green Bay. These types of interviews allow abused and neglected children to talk one-on-one with a specially trained adult about what happened. This is not only a better experience for the child, but it can often result in stronger court cases.

Tomorrow, August 12, 2020, is our Willow Tree Day of Giving in place of the 6th Annual Life Saver River Cruise. And we need your support!

One of Willow Tree’s forensic interviewers, Megan, recently sat down with one of our partners to talk about the importance of our team approach to helping children who experience abuse, neglect, or other forms of maltreatment. Please watch the video to learn more about this important service your donations support.