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Parenting Classes

 Parent Connection offers a variety of educational workshops that are designed to help parents feel better about themselves and the roles they fill. Topics include child development, stress management, positive discipline, and communication.


All parenting education classes will be offered online until it is safe for us to gather in person.

Internet access is needed to participate in online classes. In-Person workshops will resume when it is safe to gather and depending on restrictions. Free childcare available at most in-person classes. Limited spots available, register early!

We reserve the right to cancel workshops with low enrollment.
Any cancelled workshops will have fees refunded.

2021 Summer Workshops

Potty Training Online | On Demand

Potty Training Online
Free  |   Ages 1-4

Based on the book, “Let’s Get this Potty Started!” by Dr. Heather Wittenberg

This is an online video from a prior class that provides guidance to parents and caregivers preparing for or undertaking potty training.


Love and Logic® No More Arguing | June 16

Love and Logic® No More Arguing
Wed, June 16  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $5  |  Ages 3-Teens


When parents get pulled into endless arguments they rarely have time or energy to enjoy relationships with their children.  Those who yell, scream or resort to punishments don’t either.  Learning to   calmly manage gives parents the ability to take care of themselves while having more time and energy to enjoy their kids.

Registration Link:

Love and Logic® Teaching Responsibility | June 23

Love and Logic®   Teaching Responsibility
Wed, June 23  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $5  |  Ages 3-Teens


Kids who are allowed to learn from small mistakes early in life are less likely to make tragic mistakes later on.  Help your kids learn from their mistakes rather than repeating them, and to make good decisions about serious issues.  We’ll be talking about natural consequences and accountability along with love and empathy.

Registration Link:

Autism 1.0 | June 24

Autism 1.0
Thurs, June 24  |  6-7:30 pm
Free  |  Ages 3-12

Facilitated by Diane Nackers, with Autism Society of the Fox Valley

This program discusses what Autism is, what it is not, how to deal with behaviors in a positive way, how to be an advocate for a child with Autism and how to tap into community resources available.

Registration Link:

123 Magic ™ | July 6 and 13

123 Magic ™
Tuesdays, July 6 & 13  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $5  |  Ages 2-12


This program builds basic discipline and parenting skills to help you stop your child’s negative behaviors (including whining, testing & manipulation) and start positive behaviors.

Registration Link:

Baby Basics for New & Expectant Dads | July 12

Baby Basics for New & Expectant Dads
Mon, July 12  |  6-8 pm
Free  |  Prenatal-Newborn

This program is just for dads! You will discuss basic newborn care (handling, feeding, burping, changing, cleaning & calming), what to expect in the coming months, and how to enhance your baby’s development.

Registration Link:

Active Parenting: First Five Years™ | July 20 – August 3

Active Parenting:  First Five Years™
Tuesdays, July 20-Aug 3  |  6-7:45 pm
With optional class Aug 10 |  6-7:45pm
Cost: $15  |  Ages  0-4

Evidence-based; Includes a Parent Guide book

This program builds basic parenting & nurturing skills for new parents and caregivers with topics focusing on:

You & Your Child, Preventing Problems, Encouraging Positive Behavior & an Optional 4th Session, Preparing for School Success.

Registration Link:

Love and Logic® Power Struggles | July 21

Love and Logic®   Power Struggles
Wed, July 21  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost $5  |  Ages 3-Teens

Evidence Based

When our kids make poor choices it can be extremely tempting to stop giving them.  When we do, we send kids the message that they are not smart enough to learn from their own mistakes.  We will be talking about gaining healthy control over our homes and how we can gain genuine respect from them without needing to win power struggles.

Registration Link:

Introduction to Co-Parenting | August 9

Introduction to Co-Parenting
Mon, August 9  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $5  |  All Ages

For parents who are separated, divorced or co-parenting, this is an introduction to co-parenting.  This program focuses on identifying priorities and strengths to build a parenting plan and how to build your child up.

Registration Links:

Love and Logic®  Teaching Kids to Problem-Solve | August 11

Love and Logic®   Teaching Kids to Problem-Solve
Wed, August 11  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost $5  |  Ages 3-Teens


Did you know you do not need to handle all of your children’s problems for them?  We can guide our kids to develop personal responsibility and problem-solving skills for themselves, which in turn builds their self-esteem and sense of responsibility.  This is a valuable skill they will take with them throughout their lives.

Registration Link:

Love and Logic®  Kids and Chores | August 18

Love and Logic®   Kids and Chores
Wed, August 18  |  6-7:30 pm
Cost: $5  |  Ages 3-Teens


Chores or no chores?  Is it easier to do chores yourself rather than deal with your resistant kid?  Should we give our kids an allowance for doing chores?  Believe it or not, we can show our kiddos they are an important, needed and loved member of the family through having chores and responsibilities for the household.  And this is a value that will help them in all areas of their lives.

Registration Link:

Scholarships Available

For more information please contact:

Fox Cities: Jen DiMatteo, or (920) 739-4226 ext. 109

Oshkosh: Jenifer Rettler, or (920) 233-6630 ext. 111

Free childcare is available at most in-person workshops.

Family Services reserves the right to cancel workshops with low enrollment. In the case of cancellation, all fees will be refunded.

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    Community Presentations

    Interested in hosting a parenting workshop at your business, school, church, or organization?

    Parent Connection offers a series of community presentations on a variety of topics, including:

    • Anger management
    • Learning styles and the importance of play
    • Managing meltdowns
    • Positive discipline

    Fees vary depending on workshop length and location. To learn more, contact Jen at (920) 739-4226 ext. 109 or by email,

    Have Questions?

    For more information about parenting classes and workshops, please contact us!

    Fox Cities: Jen DiMatteo, or (920) 739-4226 ext. 109

    Oshkosh: Jenifer Rettler, or (920) 233-6630 ext. 111