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Fun Ideas to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive

December 8, 2020

Family traditions are looking a little different in 2020. Even though some traditions may need to be put on hold, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate safely at home!

Holidays Family

By Rachel Herrmann
Family Support Specialist
Parent Connection – Shawano & Menominee Counties

Traditions are an important part of our lives, including around the holidays. They help build the foundation that we come from. But sometimes, as we grow up, we may feel too stressed or too busy to continue these traditions or share them with our own family. Or, we may have fewer opportunities to do so because of unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year has been full of challenges and changes that have affected us all as families and individuals. As you read this, I’d like you to take a step back to reflect and remember those times when you were a kid. What traditions can you still carry out this year, and for years to come?

Below are 6 fun ideas to help keep you busy throughout the holiday season. You might just start a brand-new tradition for yourself and your family!

Make Cookies and Decorate Together:  Cookie decorating can add a bit of fun with textures, especially for children.  Spending time together can give a dose of happiness we just might need!

Build a Snowman/Snow Fort:  Take into consideration maybe doing a “virtual” contest with other family members and show off your snowman/fort making skills!

Visit a Tree Farm:  Get outside and enjoy the beauty!  Taking a walk around a tree farm can be relaxing and also a time for some family bonding. Make a tradition of finding the “perfect tree” to cut down, take home, and decorate as a family.

Go Sledding: Have fun! Remember how much you smiled as you flew down that big sledding hill when you were a kid? Plus, It will be great exercise carrying that sled back up that hill! Sledding is just one fun outdoor winter activity to make a tradition. You could also go skiing, snowshoeing, or skating as a family!

Plan a Virtual Movie Night:  Have each family member pick out their favorite movie and watch together.  And if times might call for us to still be apart from loved ones, agree on a movie and come together virtually and watch it together!

Card Making:  Spread some LOVE!  Who doesn’t love getting mail; especially if we can’t be together this year in person?  Libraries can offer some support with homemade card making skills and kids love bringing their ideas to life!

We hope that in 2021 we will be able to be together in person again. Until then, hopefully some of these ideas can still “bring us together,” but safely!