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Supervised Visitation

Counties Served:

Outagamie County
Winnebago County

Phone: (920) 420-2960

Fax: (920) 954-6806

225 North Richmond St, Suite 205
Appleton, WI 54911

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The Supervised Visitation program provides visitation services between divorced or separated parents in Outagamie and Winnebago Counties. Our staff help to ensure a safe setting for every child, free from parental conflict.

With the help of Supervised Visitation staff, parents and their children can have contact. During the visit, our staff will observe, document, and ensure the safety of all involved. Our ultimate goal is to empower parents to work through their issues so they can interact with their child in an unsupervised setting.

Supervised Visitation access county visitation rooms that are set up in a comfortable, trauma friendly environment with a variety of toys to allow for fun, appropriate parent and child interaction. We also utilize the Nurturing Parenting Skills TM curriculum to meet the unique needs of each family.


Outagamie County:

Supervised Visits are located within the Outagamie County building offices or the Supervised Visitation office locate at 225 North Richmond St, Appleton, WI 54911.

Visits can also be located in the home or in the community with pre-authorized documentation.


Winnebago County (fee-for-service):

Supervised Visitation offers fee-for-service visits at our Parent Connection office at 36 Broad St. in Oshkosh.

Visits can also be located in the home or in the community with pre-authorized documentation.

Referrals to the Supervised Visitation Program can be made by a County Case Worker, Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), attorney, or via self-referral. Once you have been referred for Supervised Visitation, it is up to you to make arrangements.

Referral Contact:
(920) 420-2960

This is a fee-for-service program.

Visitation Guidelines

In order to ensure child safety and to provide the most positive experience for
visits, we have established the following guidelines.


What is the fee per hour?

The fee for family visits through the Supervised Visitation program is $41/hour.

Who can attend the visit?

Only pre-authorized personnel may attend the visit.

How soon can I schedule a visit, after being referred?

Once a referral is made, the Supervised Visitation coordinator will make contact within two business days. After that, a visit can typically take place within 3-7 business days.