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Student Assistance Program

Counties Served:

Brown County

(920) 436-4360 ext. 1391

300 Crooks St.
Green Bay, WI 54301

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The Student Assistance Program is experienced in working with today’s youth. Our staff can be contracted in both public and private schools in Brown County to help students who are struggling academically. These students often need extra assistance due to mental health concerns or issues at home.

The Student Assistance Program is a cost-effective means of delivering a comprehensive array of programming to the students who need it. Each school determines the amount of time our staff will be involved, and the level and/or type of services to be delivered.

SAP staff are contracted as limited employees who are available to perform a variety of school-related functions such as:

  • In school, student-centered support and advising
    • Including, but not limited to, individual time with students and facilitation/co-facilitation of group time and education.
  • Education
    • Programs and in-service related to appropriate areas of concern to the school staff, parents, and students.
  • Consultation
    • Student Assistance Program staff will be able to meet with school staff, parents, and students to review the needs of the student body in general, or of a specific student or group.
  • Screening & referral services
    • For the purpose of intervention in family and/or individual problems, which affect a student’s ability to perform in a school setting.
  • Other responsibilities as determined
    • i.e: academic concerns, behavioral concerns, family systems, mental health, and other stressors affecting school performance.

Contracting through the Student Assistance Program is a cost-effective means of delivering a comprehensive array of programming within your district.

Staff of the Student Assistance Program are contracted in both public and private schools. Staff have expertise working with all school-aged students from elementary, middle and high school. Staff can be contracted to work with at-risk students and alternative schooling options provided by the district. SAP staff work with all levels of need. 

For more information about contracting with the Student Assistance Program, please call (920) 436-4360 ext. 1391.

Funding for the Student Assistance Program comes directly from the school district(s) with which the program contracts.

“I really do appreciate help with this.

I have never had a 13-year-old before and I just want to help [my child].”

— Parent of a client

“It has been a blessing having you here this year.”

— School Staff

“I’ve been very pleased with the services SAP has provided.”

— School Administrator


What level of services do you provide for the school?

Student Assistance Program staff work with all levels of need. Our staff can provide a positive support and role model for students with a small amount of intervention, or provide greater levels of mentoring and intervention to high needs students. This can include but is not limited to: one-on-one education, networking with staff, collaborating meetings, connections with home and running small groups. The amount of time spent with a student is determined by the student’s needs.

What type of expertise do you provide to meet the needs of the school district, students and families?

One-on-one and small group education/mentoring are often used to teach students social skills, academic success, overall wellness and other skills to increase performance in school. Services are provided both in the classroom and outside the classroom. Skills taught to students are shared with staff and family members to provide consistency in the student’s day-to-day routine. Phone calls and meetings are had with willing parents to best meet the needs of students and to educate families on resources and techniques to continue successes in the home.

The school’s needs have changed. Can I contract with the Student Assistance Program at any point in the school year?

The needs of schools are consistently changing. If an increase in Student Assistance Program time is needed or if our services would benefit your school, you can always contact the Student Assistance Program at (920) 436-4360 ext. 1391 and we can work out a plan to meet your school’s needs.