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The SELF (Support, Education, Life Skills & Family) Program specializes in serving the complex, hard to reach, and disconnected children, adults and families who are experiencing emotional, behavioral or situational challenges. Our goal is to strengthen, empower and improve the life circumstances of each client and their family.

Our staff provides customized services to each client within their home, school and community settings. By arranging it, doing it, or creating it, we strive to facilitate positive change and maintain stability in each environment.

The SELF Program provides the following individualized, needs-based assessment and counseling services:

  • Shadowing and Mentoring
  • Parenting, Family Support and Modeling
  • Educational Support
  • Stabilization Services and Interventions
  • Living Skills
  • Employment Skills/Job Readiness

Our passionate, dedicated, and specially trained staff members specialize in mental health and motivational, educational, and behavioral services. In each individual case, we strive to match our clients with service delivery staff based on the staff member’s expertise and personality to ensure the best fit. This helps us build collaborative, empowering, and trusting relationships with individuals, families and community partners.

The children and families referred to the SELF Program are usually considered at risk for an out-of-home placement. We serve children and adults of all ages, including adults who need skill development for basic living needs.

The SELF Program currently accepts referrals from the Department of Human Services in the following counties: Brown, Outagamie, Shawano, or Winnebago County.

To make a referral or with questions, please contact the SELF office for your area or email Sarah Hock.

“My son created a peer group.

He never had that before. Thank you! Love the activities, the workers are so creative.”

— Parent of a SELF client

“The services we received helped us get the life we always dreamed of having.”

— Parent of a SELF client


Does the SELF program offer any groups?

SELF offers a summer group program that helps kids with social skills, pro-social activities, communication, and team work. Days and times of the group vary based on the number of participants and the kids’ ages. The summer group is offered June through August.

In addition to the summer group, The SELF program sometimes also provides one-on-one skill development within a group setting, depending on the activity.

What kind of trainings do SELF staff receive?

SELF staff are all trained in Trauma-Informed Care. They take a hands off approach to give families the tools they need to de-escalate situations with the use of appropriate communication techniques and strategies. SELF staff attend trainings throughout the year to ensure they are keeping up with the appropriate techniques and strategies to teach their client families.

Where can the SELF program provide services?

The SELF program provides flexible, tailored services to meet the needs of our families. SELF can provide services in the community, school, home, or other facility depending on what is best suited for the family.