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Be a Protector of Family Services

Monthly contributions help sustain our mission. As a Protector of Family Services, your steady stream of support will Protect, Heal and Care for the people of Northeast Wisconsin!


Join Our Monthly Giving Program

You can make small gifts to Family Services throughout the year without having to send in a check, go online, or make a phone call.

When you become a Protector, we’ll make a monthly withdrawal from a credit or checking account of your choosing. Plus, you choose the gift that best fits your budget! Another amazing benefit of monthly giving is that your donations will be put to work immediately. When we know we can expect your support, we can more easily fund our operations to keep our programs going. That means less time spent on fundraising and more time providing critical support to people who are struggling due to mental health issues, parenting challenges, trauma and abuse, and so much more.

Click the button below to send your first monthly gift. With questions, contact Kayla Lindal at (920)436-4360 ext.1281 or via email at [email protected].

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Help Sustain Our Mission

Here’s what your monthly gifts could provide to someone who is struggling in our community:

$10 a month for one year

Is enough to provide one book per month to one family to help promote literacy.

$25 a month for one year

Is enough to provide lifesaving face-to-face crisis counseling services for one person experiencing thoughts of suicide.

$50 a month for one year

Is enough to fund 50 Welcome Baby visits to new parents.

$100 a month for one year

Is enough to support an abused child with a forensic interview and support through the investigative process.