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Families First

Counties Served:

Brown County

Phone: (920) 448-7681

111 N Jefferson St.
Green Bay, WI 54301

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Families First is an intensive case management program that works in collaboration with Brown County Human Services. It helps those who are struggling to preserve their families find ways to stay together. Families that have had a child removed may also participate in assessment and goal setting to prepare for the child to return home, if possible.

All families enrolled in Families First receive an abundance of support. With the help of our professional staff, parents/guardians gain the skills they need to successfully care for their children. Home visits are offered on a weekly basis, along with resources and referrals as needed.

Families First provides three distinct types of case management services:


Families experiencing difficulties or crisis receive an assessment and assistance in accessing resources throughout the community.


Families who are at risk of having a child removed from their home participate in an assessment and set short-term goals aimed at building on the family’s strengths and removing barriers to success.


Families who have had a child removed from the home participate in an assessment and set goals in preparation for the child’s return home.

Families First serves families referred by Brown County Human Services. All families that are referred enroll voluntarily.

Families First is funded by Brown County Human Services.

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“I am so thankful for the Families First program.

They saved me from losing my kids.”

— Client, Families First


Can I refer myself to Families First?

No, all referrals for the Families First program must come from Brown County Human Services.

Is there any cost to participate in Families First?

No, all services are free and voluntary.

Can I choose to work with Family Services staff instead of Brown County?

If a county worker has been assigned to your case, you will need to continue working with them. If you are not enrolled in the county system and do not have an assigned worker, then you would be able to work only with Family Services staff.