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Day Treatment Program

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(920) 433-3372 ext. 100

Fax: (920) 433-3383

626 S. Irwin Ave
Green Bay, WI 54301

(920) 433-3372 ext. 100

Fax: (920) 433-3383

Services are provided in Green Bay, WI

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Day Treatment is designed to meet the mental health needs of youth (ages 7 to 18) who are exhibiting severe emotional or behavioral issues at home, in school, or in the community. Our staff work with each child and the child’s family to address problematic behaviors such as defiance, hostility, inattention, hyperactivity, aggression, self-harm, substance abuse, difficulty understanding social cues, problems in school, or the negative affects of traumatic experiences such as physical or sexual abuse. Children and families benefit from a wide range of Day Treatment services including individual and family counseling, intensive group therapy, and case management that is specific to the needs of the child. Our team includes a consulting child psychiatrist, a consulting psychologist, social workers, clinical therapists, a registered nurse and an occupational therapist.

All services are provided at our location in Green Bay, WI.

The Day Treatment program is offered Monday through Friday, year-round. Hours and days of attendance can be flexible based on school schedules, especially as the youth transitions out of the program. The typical length of stay is three to sixth months.

Services are provided in three units in the Green Bay area from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.:

  • Elementary (ages 7-10)
  • Middle School (ages 10-14)
  • Adolescent (ages 14-18)

Services for youth and families may include:

  • Therapy and education focused on issues such as the impacts of trauma, family relationships, substance abuse, sexual abuse and health-related issues
  • Specialized training groups for self-esteem, depression, anger management, parent/child relationships, truancy, school skills, social skills and more
  • Psychological evaluation and testing
  • Psychiatric consultation, evaluation and/or medication monitoring

Services may also be offered as needed to accommodate the developmental needs of each client. Day Treatment services are paid by private insurance or Medical Assistance. For more information, contact us at 920-433-3372 ext. 100.

Candidates for Day Treatment include youth who have not found success through traditional outpatient therapy or other less intensive treatment alternatives. Youth who are transitioning from a higher level of care, such as inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment, are also candidates for the Day Treatment program.

Day Treatment accepts referrals from parents, schools, social workers and medical professionals. A primary care physician or preferably a psychiatrist must be willing to provide documentation of the child’s need for Day Treatment services.

For more information, please call (920) 433-3372 ext. 100 or send us a message.

The Day Treatment program is funded in part by Medical Assistance, private commercial insurance, client fees, third-party payers and Brown County Case Management.

Now Accepting New Referrals!

We are currently accepting new referrals for all age groups. Please call us today at (920) 433-3372 ext. 100. The Day Treatment Program offers in-person services to youth ages 7-18 and their families. Our therapists can also offer virtual intake assessments and virtual family sessions at this time.

Contact the Day Treatment Program

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    “The daily pushing forward, the impact of how the staff treats the kids, and continuing to stand with them is where my child benefited the most.

    …the overall experience of the program has impacted [my son’s] life through the positive-minded staff and have him moving forward. It is carrying over into school and I believe that the goals from Day Treatment will be met.”

    — Parent of a Day Treatment client

    “Good program, great staff.

    My child connected with all.”

    — Parent of a Day Treatment client


    How do I make a referral to the program or who can refer to the program?

    Any provider or parent/guardian can refer a child to Day Treatment. A provider or parent can call 433-3372 ext. 100 or ext. 131 and provide the initial demographic and reason for referral information to the program assistant or program manager. The child can then be added to the wait list or assigned to staff for a full assessment for the program.

    How long does it take to enter into Day Treatment?

    That varies depending on a number of factors such as insurance approval and if there is a wait list. Getting into Day Treatment is a process which includes paperwork that must be completed by parents or a guardian and medical providers. Day Treatment staff will facilitate completion of all paperwork that is necessary.

    Do you do schoolwork there?

    No we do not. Day Treatment concentrates on the emotional and behavioral problems of the child; however, some schools will provide online work or send packets home to help the child stay up to date. This is completed at home outside of Day Treatment hours.

    How long is a child in the Day Treatment program?

    The length of programming varies for every child; however, the typical length of stay is three to six months. Upon admission, children usually begin attending five hours/day for five days/week and gradually transition back to school by slowly reducing their time in the program and increasing time at school. Day Treatment staff help coordinate this process.

    How will my child get to and from Day Treatment?

    Medical Assistance provides transportation through a transportation company. Private insurance does not provide transportation; therefore, the parent is responsible for getting the child back and forth to treatment.

    What is the program’s effectiveness and how is it measured?

    The Day Treatment Program is proud to participate in the ACORN collaboration.

    ACORN is an evidence-based tool used to measure client symptoms and treatment outcomes. It consists of weekly questionnaires that are filled out by the client themselves.

    ACORN results show that 73% of clients in 2018  and 71 % of client thus far in 2019 saw IMPROVEMENT in symptoms while attending the Family Services Day Treatment Program. The ACORN results from 2018 also show that Day Treatment was HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for youth dealing with depressive and anxious symptoms as well as PTSD or adjustment disorders. Additionally, results from 2018 indicate that Family Services Day Treatment Program was EFFECTIVE for children with behavior disorders.