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Open Door Youth Services

Counties Served:

Brown County

Phone: (920) 436-4360 ext. 1392

Fax: (920) 432-5966

300 Crooks St
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

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Open Door Youth Services offers support to at-risk youth (ages 11-20) who have run away, been kicked out of their home, are homeless or are otherwise at risk in Brown County. This includes youth who have a history of running away, are threatening to run away, or are at risk of being sex trafficked.

Our mission is to address immediate concerns, resolve conflict, and reunite youth with their families as quickly as possible. If family reunification is not possible, then the priority is to find safe and stable housing for the youth. Our staff consists of trained professionals who specialize in helping at-risk youth and their families in crisis situations. Staff will respond to requests for assistance to youth in crisis where and when it is needed.

All services are free, voluntary, and confidential. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to youth living in Brown County.

  • Telephone and face-to-face crisis intervention and family mediation
  • Shelter arrangements
  • Goal planning and intervention services (with or without the youth’s family)
  • Information and referrals to community resources
  • Community education and street outreach
  • Placement in a host home, when available and mutually agreed upon by the youth and family

The Open Door Youth Services program is open to runaway and at-risk youth age 11-20 who reside in Brown County. We may be able to serve youth outside of Brown County depending on the situation, current case load, and availability of staff to travel outside the service area. Eligible youth have a history of running away or are threatening to run away, are at risk of human trafficking, or are otherwise at risk.

Open Door Youth is a youth-driven program. All youth must voluntarily commit to services. The program accepts referrals from schools, law enforcement, parents, youth, and youth-serving organizations.

If you are interested in services or would like to make a referral, please download and fill out a referral form and fax it to (920) 432-5966.

Open Door Youth Services is funded in part by state and federal grants.

“Thank you for helping me with the hard times I had this year.

My life has changed since you’ve helped! Thank you so much!”

— Client, Open Door Youth

Need Help Now?

If you or someone you know is at risk, please contact our Crisis Center at (920) 436-8888.


Can I get in trouble or go to juvenile detention for running away from home?

Technically running away from home isn’t against the law. However, you can receive citations for any laws you break while on the run. Some examples include: curfew, truancy, disorderly conduct, etc.

Is there any cost to the Open Door Youth Services program?

No, all services are provided at no cost to the youth or family.

Will law enforcement be involved if a runaway youth contacts the program?

No. All services provided by Open Door Youth are strictly confidential.

Is there a youth shelter in Brown County?

Yes. The Hope Center at House of Hope opened in Green Bay in December of 2020. Family Services is a proud partner of the Hope Center and our staff may refer youth to the center if and when it is deemed appropriate.

For more information about the Hope Center, please click here.

How long does my child have to be missing for me to report them as missing or a runaway?

There is no required amount of time for youth to be missing before they can be reported as missing or a runaway.  Youth can be reported to the local law enforcement agency as soon as they leave the home without their parent or guardian’s permission or when their whereabouts are unknown.