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Housing Services

Counties Served:

Brown County

(920) 370-5369 or (920) 613-6426

Fax: (920) 544-4146

330 S. Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54301

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Housing Services

Housing Services is here to help homeless youth and young adults (age 24 and under) in Brown County access safe, stable, and affordable housing options.

Our staff help each person apply for access to housing programs and services through the Coordinated Entry System. This system will assess their strengths and needs. Those found to have the most need will be prioritized for services in the community.

Housing Services offers a variety of programming for eligible youth including Rapid Re-Housing, Housing Navigation, and Independent Living.

Rapid Re-Housing

Available to eligible youth, age 18-24, who meet the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) definition of homelessness and are entered into the Coordinated Entry System of Brown County. Once enrolled in programming, a case manager will assist youth in finding a housing unit. Rental assistance and case management is available for up to 24 months. Funded by HUD.

Housing Navigation

Available to eligible youth under the age of 24 who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. Any youth at risk of being homeless is able to contact our housing navigator to discuss their needs. Financial assistance is limited but available.

Independent Living

Provides youth with the skills necessary to live independently.

Each program area has unique criteria for eligibility and services offered may vary. Restrictions may apply for eligibility.

All persons in need of Rapid Re-Housing Services must be entered into the Brown County Coordinated Entry System and placed on the Brown County priority list.

For those in need of Housing Navigation, please call directly at (920) 370-5369.

Transitional Housing Services must be referred directly from the Department of Corrections.


To learn about our Grievance Procedure, click here.

To read the Wisconsin ServicePoint Housing Consumer Notice, click here.


Housing Services programming is funded in part by the Brown County Housing Authority, Department of Corrections, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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“I left the foster care system with no real direction.

I thought that I would be fine returning home, but the abuse just started again. This program taught me how to do it on my own and I am more thankful than anyone will ever know.”

— Client, Housing Services

“It started with my freedom and an apartment.

That apartment turned into courage that turned into sobriety, that turned the apartment into a house. That house turned into laughs and long smiles that turned into early mornings and warm hugs. That turned the house into a home that I’m now laying in wondering how I got to be so lucky.”

— Client, Housing Services

About Coordinated Entry

Coordinated entry is an important process through which people experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness can access housing services in their community.


All persons identified as homeless will complete a small assessment to determine the number of barriers to housing they are facing. This score will determine the type of service(s) they are eligible for and how soon they can start to receive those housing services.

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Priority List

Persons who are found to have higher barriers to housing will be prioritized to receive services before others with lower barriers. Any person in need of housing must complete the assessment in order to be put on the priority list for housing services.

For More Information

For more information on Coordinated Entry contact (920) 370-5369 or (920) 613-6426.


How do I get into a Housing Services program?

First, we will need to assess your needs and barriers to housing. Our staff will have you complete a brief, 7-minute assessment. The number you are assigned based on that assessment will determine what types of services you are eligible for.

If you are in need of Housing Navigation, we will work with you immediately to help you address your needs.

What will happen if I am eligible for Rapid Rehousing?

When the program has an opening and your name comes up on the list, we will call you to come in and start looking for an apartment.

Once placed in a unit, you will be offered a case manager. Your case manager will work side by side with you, teaching you the skills you are interested in learning and helping you be self-sufficient.

Am I eligible for programming if I have prior evictions?

Yes, but finding a unit may be more complicated. Housing Services staff will work with you to explore your options.