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Family Services manages the Post-Adoption Resource Center (PARC) for a 17-county area in northeast Wisconsin. PARC was developed to provide support, education/resources, and information/referral services to individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by adoption. Birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, and adoption professionals are all welcome to access PARC services including:

  • Toll-free access to information, resources and crisis intervention services.

  • Referrals for families, individuals and professionals to connect with community support services.

  • Support groups focusing on the issues of adoption.

  • Educational opportunities for adoptive parents to better understand and receive encouragement while dealing with school issues, developmental stages, mental health needs, etc.

  • Family celebrations to encourage support between adoptive families and to celebrate adoption!

  • Distribution of a quarterly newsletter for adoptive parents.

  • A free lending library with books, magazines, websites and videos that discuss adoption issues.


If you would like to learn more, check your topics of interest in the form below, complete your contact information, and submit. Please use the comments section to be more specific or to ask questions. We will be happy to work with you to get the requested information.


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Outside our region? Visit to find the Post-Adoption Resource Center for your county.

The Post-Adoption Resource Center of Family Services is funded by a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families.

Wisconsin Department of Children & Families



Northeast Wisconsin (Serving a 17 county region)

300 Crooks St, Green Bay

Program Coordinator: Hannah Haltom, email or call 920-436-4360 ext. 1264




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The National Quality Improvement Center – Adoption and Guardianship Support and Preservation (QIC-AG) Project is developing and implementing the Adoption and Guardianship Enhanced Support (AGES) Program. The AGES Program recognizes that families formed through adoption and guardianship have unique challenges and needs. The intervention seeks to serve as an adoption and guardianship competent, trauma-informed support for families facing emerging needs post-permanence. AGES will offer families an individualized plan with specific goals, needed supports and targeted advocacy based on the assessment of the child and family’s needs and strengths. Please refer to two-page overview for detailed information about the target population, evaluation of the program, and expected outcomes.


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