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9 In 2014 Family Services provided counseling treatment services to 3836 people in our communities encouraging and inspiring them to make positive changes in their lives. Sarah had been out with friends when she suddenly felt ill. She walked towards the bathroom but the next thing she remembered she was waking up in the hospital. After some tests it was discovered that she was the victim of a date rape drug. A Sexual Assault Center advocate was called to the hospital. The advocate supported Sarah through her medical exam and provided her with information about the services offered by the Sexual Assault Center. Sarah appeared to be handling her situation but agreed to contact the center if she needed help. Three days later Sarah came to the Sexual Assault Center emotionally distressed as she was beginning to remember pieces of the assault. A counselor worked with her to help her understand what was happening and how she could begin to deal with her traumatic experience. She also helped her set up a support system and treatment plan with a therapist at Family Services. She struggled for the first few months increasingly having flashbacks of the assault which made it difficult for her to concentrate at work and afraid when she was home alone. She was also suffering from anxiety and depression caused by the fear her assault created. With determination she continued to attend her therapy sessions and worked hard with her advocate to remain positive and focused on her future. During this time the advocate was also able to help Sarah understand the legal process involved and accompanied her to appointments and hearings. Sarah is now doing much better at work at home and in public. Through her on-going therapy she is learning how to manage the effects of the abuse and begin her healing process. A Journey to Healing Green Bay The Counseling Clinic Day Treatment Ethan House Residential Treatment Sexual Assault Center Student Assistance Program Willow Tree Child Advocacy Center Womens Recovery Journey Fox Valley The Counseling Clinic Silvercrest Group Home Sturgeon Bay Oconto Marinette Sexual Assault Center Counseling Treatment programs