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2014 was an important year of transition and growth for Family Services. In April former Executive Vice President Jeff Vande Leest transitioned to the role of President CEO replacing Tom Martin after 27 years of leadership with the agency. It was a year of growth as we saw an increase in overall program revenue of 4.5 or 560000 over our 2013 totals. It was also a year of considerable impact as Family Services touched the lives of more than 18000 individuals and families throughout Northeast Wisconsin and remains a driving force behind the development of stronger families and stronger communities in our region. When you deliver an array of services across many communities with more than 30 specialized programs it is often difficult to portray the bigger picture of our impact on the communities we serve. But here we attempt to tell the Family Services story. In the pages that follow you will read stories from individuals served by Family Services. These stories are dramatic and they are true. The stories we share represent the trauma of abuse abandonment and loss experienced by countless individuals in our communities each year. Quite simply ours is a story of u Protecting. Family Services is strongly committed to protecting children and vulnerable individuals from abuse and sexual assault. u Healing. When traumatic situations do occur Family Services is there to assist the individual or family with their journey of healing and recovery. u Caring. Family Services is there to care for individuals who are isolated abandoned or just need help developing the skills to live successfully. Whether you are a friend of Family Services a donor or just an interested community member remember our story and the stories of those we serve. They are the reason behind our unwavering commitment to Protect Heal and Care. The Family Services story is not one of individual programs or services. It is not a story of special events or organizational changes. It is the story of real people experiencing real life situations and how Family Services is there to hear these stories and assist individuals and families to overcome their trauma and lead successful and meaningful lives. Geoff Lacy Board Chair Jeff Vande Leest President CEO 3 Making an Impact Jeff Vande Leest President CEO Family Services Geoff Lacy Board Chair Davis Kuelthau SC